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Dear Client or Prospective Client:

I want to thank you for considering our firm for your project.  We know that our success is dependent upon delivering reliable advice and high-quality business solutions that make a valuable contribution to your success.  Over many years we have consistently focused on providing the highest levels of consulting expertise to our select group of clients so that their success becomes our success.  We hope you will allow us to work with you in achieving our common objective.


As a management consultant of more than 30 years I have seen the consulting industry grow and evolve in many new directions as new technologies and methods of doing business emerge.  However, since our formation in 1995, the core mission of Kennedy Consulting has not changed – “To select skilled and experienced professionals to do excellent work on important projects”.

We have all heard the horror stories of failed consulting projects and large budgets spent without achievement of any real results.  At Kennedy Consulting we do not expect our projects to be without challenge – in fact, we recognize these challenges as our opportunity to excel – but we do adhere to some fundamental principles that we believe are critical to project success:

1.      Top management support - organizations can be resistant to the changes involved in introducing any new method of working.  The visible and consistent commitment of senior management is necessary to encourage adherence to new methods and processes.  We request an appropriate level of senior management participation on every project.

2.      Working in joint teams - our experience in working on many projects has proved to us that the full involvement of management and staff in the development of plans and the design of new processes and systems is essential for the work to have lasting value.  In addition, client staff derive benefit from being involved in the work of our consultants who are experts in their fields.

3.      Management of change - moving to a new process or system can be painful for existing members of staff, especially those who have been with the organization for many years.  It is important that all staff are sufficiently informed, motivated and trained for the project to succeed.  Change management, involving a high degree of communication with affected management and staff, is an essential ingredient in all of our projects.

4.      Rewards for success - a significant reward for success is the recognition of a job well done.  We recognize client staff and consultants alike for the contribution they make to our projects.


Over the years, our adherence to these four principles has allowed us to chart a course to achievement of project objectives and capture of intended benefits.  We want our experience and capabilities to make the same contribution to your project.  I am confident that you will enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with all of our clients.




Jim Kennedy
Kennedy Consulting LLC

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