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Change Management

Implementing new systems and business processes result in many changes to the way your employees do their daily business; executing a well-designed change management plan will help those changes take place smoothly and efficiently.

As part of our change management service our consultants work closely with your staff and management so they understand the change process, the importance of organizational alignment, and the tools and techniques they need to address issues in their organizations. Change Management procedures help ensure that your employees:

  • Feel comfortable in their work

  • Understand why the change is necessary and what will change

  • Understand what is expected of them and the relevance of the changes they will make

  • Have enough training to carry out their new skills at a superior level of performance

We focus on coordinating and integrating key leadership, organizational, technology, and cultural issues to achieve your goals and objectives. And we help your leadership and the change agents in your organizations anticipate any surprises so they will understand the psychology of change and its effect on their employees.

Change management is an umbrella term covering many different areas. Our change management team will examine the following areas and objectives:

  • Change Planning - We'll develop a comprehensive plan for implementing each stage of the change process.

  • Change Leadership Training and Development - We'll make sure your change sponsors and leaders will understand and fulfill their roles and responsibilities during your implementation project.

  • Organizational Alignment - We'll look at your corporate philosophy, structure, management practices, business processes, and culture and show you how they can be aligned to accomplish your company's objectives.

  • Managing Resistance - We'll develop strategies for anticipating and managing any resistance to your employees or managers may have to implementing the new system.

  • Communications Planning - We'll create a detailed plan for communicating your vision of your business and the change plan that will make that vision happen. We'll plan how management should deal with the communicating the changes and develop methods to track its success.

  • Change Technology Transfer - We'll provide your key executives, managers, and project team members with ongoing management training and ongoing coaching to help them understand and utilize change management processes and interventions.

  • Continuous Improvement - We'll coach your employees and measure their progress throughout the change initiative and following the implementation.

  • Measurement - We'll help you develop the business and project metrics to enable you to measure the success of your implementation and the business goals you've established for it.

Change is a given in the rapidly paced world of e-business. A well-executed Change Management plan keeps that change controlled, encourages employee cooperation, and leads to a faster ROI on your investment.

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