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Strategy and Planning Services

If you sense that your business or organization is drifting with no particular destination in mind, it's time to call for planning assistance from the professional strategists at Kennedy Consulting. Our strategic planning services center on a systematic method of helping you direct your business where you want it to go. Our role is to act as a facilitator of that process.

We work closely with executive management, entrepreneurs and other business owners every day, and we understand it takes more than ideas, dreams and desires to succeed. It takes a detailed plan with all employees working toward common, well-defined goals.

Our professionals will help you form a team from different areas of your organization. We believe a team approach results in the most meaningful, actionable plan. Utilizing the team approach facilitates buy-in and will produce a plan that all employees respect and support. Working with your team, we oversee the entire project.

Our strategic planning process starts with a business assessment, a comprehensive analysis of your business and its environment. Our objective assessment gives you a clear picture of the marketplace and your company's current role within it. The assessment covers:

  • goals and objectives

  • staffing and organization

  • operations and quality control

  • customer review

  • competitor review

  • industry review

An assessment is the formal acknowledgement of key internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats that affect your company's ability to succeed. Important trends, developments and issues are listed for each category. Your team may find this to be one of the most enlightening areas of the entire strategic planning process.

With all of this analytical data in hand, our strategists will lead your team in developing a mission statement that expresses why your business exists - that is, what your employees come to work every day to accomplish. During this process, we help you examine:

  • What is it that we do?

  • How, when and where do we do it?

Your mission statement may mention key products and services, and perhaps describe customers of your business. The statement must realistically reflect competitive conditions, and be simple enough to be understood by all employees, not just those involved in the strategic planning process.

In addition to the importance of knowing your mission, we recognize the power of having a vision for your organization. We believe that "significant vision precedes significant success." We can help your strategic planning team create a vision that has reach - a vision that will challenge each and everyone in your organization to grow substantially and stretch their skills. We'll help you create a vision that is worth the effort. Our consultants will facilitate a visioning process that will generate enough precision, so that each member will find his or her significant place within the vision.

Through our years of experience in working with companies of various sizes and types, we have learned that organizations pursue a number of outcomes - revenues, profitability, market share, growth and innovation, for example. Our consultants will work with you to ensure that your strategic plan expresses realistic, consistent and focused objectives.

But we don't stop there. We will work with you to craft strategies that describe how you will accomplish your objectives, and the timetable for doing so. And we help you establish measuring and reporting systems that assign responsibility and accountability for reaching goals.

When you work with Kennedy Consulting to plan effective strategies for your organization, you'll discover we use no magic formulas. Every company is different, competitive situations vary, and your goals are what you set for your future. We will help you create a strategic plan that is uniquely yours.

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