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Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Kennedy Consulting provides the wide range of services expected from a quality consulting firm. Most business sectors are supported, including technology, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, construction, healthcare, food and beverage, financial and public sector.

We continually endeavor to enhance our services. We strive to keep our expertise and our methods in line with best practice.

To assist our clients we maintain a critical mass of skills in many functions including:

Strategy and Planning: Business strategy, competitive and reconstructionist strategy.

Information Technology: IS strategy and planning, project/program management, client/server system design and development, Internet and intranet systems, implementation, system review, package selection, business process re-engineering, methodology and standards.

Finance: budgeting, modeling, activity based costing, management information, security.

Manufacturing: computer integrated manufacturing, process automation and control, robotics, just-in-time/just-on-time systems.

Marketing and Sales: market research, product and service evaluation, pricing and policies, sales forecasting and budgeting, sales force management and automation, Internet marketing.

Human Resources: job evaluation, resource allocation and forecasting, training, recruitment, culture change.

Research and Development: research management, investment analysis, project selection and control.

Asset Management: maintenance management, property and real estate management.

For more information on any of the services listed above please contact us directly.

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